Moriya Clutch Giveaway

Every May I attend an orphan/adoption conference we call CAFO. CAFO stands for Christian Alliance for Orphans. The conference is massive. People attend for a multitude of reasons that range from global orphan care to local social workers working in small cities.
One of the greatest things, in my option, is the booth section where organizations and companies can set up to sell and promote their goods/services. Most conferences of any theme have this option and often it is annoying, however at CAFO, I always get to meet and learn about new organizations doing amazing things that I had no clue about.

If you remember last year, right before we went to get our son, I posted about getting Aiden a shirt that said “grafted-in.” This conference is where I saw that company for the first time. I also purchased a tank top from them that says “Speak up for those who can’t speak for themselves” and if you are out and about and you see me, I am probably wearing it. I wear it too often. I honestly should get rid of all of my clothes and keep this one shirt.
Maybe I should buy a second one so it doesn’t seem I only wear this shirt. But I do. Maybe I should purge my closet of everything but this shirt. (I am wearing it right now. Oh my. I just looked down and saw this. I have an issue.) I digress…..

Anyway, my point is, I found Hope Grafted In at CAFO in 2015 and purchased from them and now in 2016, I found Moriya Ethiopian Accessories and now you will thank me later.

I walked past their booth maybe four times while I was on a phone call just waiting to end the call so I could swoop in and gather all the goodies. They only had a sampling of their products, but that was more than enough for me. ¬†My eye was immediately caught by this vibrant blue clutch. I don’t need another clutch. I hardly carry the ones I already own, but when I saw this clutch I knew I wanted it to be my next giveaway from my Instagram. I immediately imagined one of my readers carrying this gorgeous clutch and posting pictures to make me and everyone else jealous of it’s beauty.

Moriya Clutch Purse

Moriya is an organization that is providing jobs for mothers in Ethiopia who have had trouble feeding their children. By giving these women a job and a marketplace to sell their goods, their babies now have full bellies. I just LOVE that! Every purchase you make is feeding a child in Ethiopia and strengthening the family they have. How could you not want to be a part of such a beautiful story?

I also purchased a make-up bag from them in army green that has chevrons on it. I have been using it for my makeup and I often think it is too small, not because the design is too small, but because I pack too much into it. However, the greatest thing about this, because I travel so much, it forces me to pack my makeup in a more economical way for my suitcase. WIN WIN!

Moriya Makeup Bag

I highly recommend both of these products and if you are anything like me, you will immediately stalk their Etsy and Facebook for more eye candy.

As I mentioned, you are welcome.

Enter my giveaway for this sweet clutch from Moriya (distributed by Loving Shepherd Ministries).

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GIVEAWAY winner will be drawn at random on Friday night July 1, 2016 and announced on my (@krystalribble) Instagram (Giveaway not sponsored by IG. Please know that I am receiving no compensation for this. I just absolutely LOVE what Loving Shepherd is doing with their Moriya Accessories and I want you all to join me in supporting their cause!)