Promo for Sisk Memorial’s Women’s Conference on May 14th

The promo video, for Sisk Memorial Baptist Church’s Women’s Conference being held on May 14th, is posted below. If you are at all in the area near Fort Mill, SC, please come by and attend this conference. I would love to see you!

Church Address : 115 Massey St. Fort Mill, SC 29715
Conference Time : 12 pm
Soup & Salad Lunch Provided
{be sure to call the church and let them know you are coming. Phone : 803.547.2537}



Slow Down; Take Time {As seen in Lifeway’s Journey}

{This devotional was first seen in Lifeway’s Journey devotional magazine for women. This devotional was one of mine that was featured in their April 2016 issue. Enjoy!}

Lifeway Journey Magazine April #2

Slow Down; Take Time

Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth” (Psalm 46:10 NIV)

I am a rusher. I rush through life and way too many important moments.

Now, if I tell you I have a 4 year old, do you believe that I always get from Point A to Point B very quickly? If you have any experience at all with a 4 year old (especially a strong-willed one) you know that your timetable doesn’t match his or hers.

The other day I was working around the house, doing laundry and cleaning up, and I had decided I was going to head to the grocery store at a certain time. My son had been sitting on the couch watching one of his favorite cartoons when I swept in and said, “Put your shoes on. We have to go to the store.” He looked up at me with eyes almost fully closed. He was tired.
I continued to gather his shoes and socks, and as I approached him, I noticed a look in his eyes that screamed Stop! I took a deep breath and asked him if he needed “Mommy Time.” This is our code for, “Should I hold you for a while?” He nodded yes.

He fell asleep on my chest for 45 minutes. As he began to sweat on my shoulder and his gentle breath slowly swept in and out across my skin, I noticed his peace in my willingness to put on the brakes. He asked me to stop for a minute and when I did, peace filled his little body.

How often do we rush past our loved ones, never actually seeing them? Never actually meeting them where they are? How often do we drag our children along on our everyday errands when all they need is some attention and connection?

I love the message David gives us from the Lord in Psalm 46:10; “Be still, and know…” Have there been times when you’ve had a revelation from God when you’re rushing from one task to the next? I don’t think it works that way. It’s when we are still that we know who God is and what He has for us. When we are quiet He has room to speak and reveal who He is to us.

Take heart my friend. The Lord desires for you to rest in Him. Find some moments to breathe today and seek the face of our Lord. He may just reveal His will for you through your children.

Steps of Faith: Lord, help me slow down and see the needs of my loved ones around me. Help me to learn to stop long enough to hear from You and act upon Your will.

Painful Sacrifice {As Seen in Lifeway’s Journey}

{This devotional was first seen in Lifeway’s Journey devotional magazine for women. This devotional was one of mine that was featured in their April 2016 issue. Enjoy!}

Lifeway's Journey April 2016
Painful Sacrifice

“By faith Abraham, when he was tested him, offered up Isaac.” (Hebrews 11:17)

The story of Abraham obediently leading his son up the mountain to be sacrificed has always struck me as a superhuman test of faith, a faith I was unsure I would ever have.

How can I reconcile a God of so much love with a God who would force me to give up things I hold so dear? is the question I often wrestled with.

There have been a few times in my life when I’ve felt God urge me to let go of something. In the past, this meant a long-term boyfriend or a bad habit, but in my adulthood, it means greater sacrifices.

Oftentimes, the thing God is asking us to give up is not something we see as bad for us, and we’re afraid to let go for fear of never gaining that particular thing back again. But do we really want the same things given back to us when God actually has something better in mind for us?

I recently saw a cartoon picture of Jesus kneeling down in front of a little girl, asking her to hand him her teddy bear. She appears to be trembling and unsure. The picture shows that Jesus has a much larger teddy bear behind His back, one she can’t see.

This is the story of all of our lives. We hold on to things we feel we can’t live without because our vision is so limited. But God’s vision-His thoughts and His ways- is so much grander than what we can fathom. Daily, we have the choice to either relinquish our plans to the Lord, trusting in Him, or to keep clinging to our tiny, feeble plans.

I remember a season when I was praying about something God had asked me to sacrifice. I was lamenting about how difficult it was for me to sacrifice this particular thing and asking for Abraham’s strength to guide me through. As I was praying, I was hit with what felt like a bolt of lightning in my soul. I realized the same God who gave Abraham strength thousands of years ago would also give me strength.

I challenge you to sacrifice the things you feel God is leading you to give up. Walk that mountain to the altar and lay before God what is already His anyway.
Trust that God knows the end from the beginning and that He always has your best interest at heart.

Open your hands and let go of your feeble plans.  Let God fill your palms with His blessings.

Steps of Faith: Lord, help me to see the parts of my life that You want me to offer back to You. Give me strength to let go.

Greenola Style Giveaway

I came across this company on Instagram when I was scrolling through a bunch of other ethical companies.

Because it was winter when I first discovered them, I fell in love with their hats and headbands. My first item from Greenola was one of their Maria hats {made in Bolivia} that is so cute and comfy.

Greenola Style is known for its accessories and jewelry. As a Noonday Collection Ambassador, I normally do not purchase jewelry from other ethical jewelry companies simply because I wear a lot of Noonday, however, Greenola has a lot of other styles and unique designs that I love. They also partner with some countries that Noonday does not yet and that is intriguing to me. For instance, I did not own anything from Bolivia and thus this hat was a great addition to my collection.

Greenola Style
Since it has warmed up in a few places across the US since I first discovered Greenola, I decided to add a couple more pieces to my collection before I offered this giveaway.

I bought some of their Acai seed bracelets made in Bolivia and Baga Horn Stud earrings made in Kenya.

I have fallen IN LOVE with the Acai seed bracelets. At a minimum I wear three of them at a time. Yesterday I wore 7 of them. Ha!

The Baga Horn Studs are so classic and they go with everything. I mean everything. If I don’t know what earrings to wear, they are my go to.

One of my amazing readers is going to win a $50 gift card to Greenola Style to purchase your own amazing pieces. I am so excited for this giveaway!

To Enter :

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GIVEAWAY winner will be drawn at random on Friday night April 22, 2016 and announced on my (@krystalribble) Instagram (Giveaway not sponsored by IG. Please know that I am receiving no compensation for this. I just absolutely LOVE what Greenola Style is doing and I want you all to join me in supporting their cause!)

Noonday Collection Blog : Ethical Home Goods Companies To Decorate Your Abode

I have the extreme pleasure of being a freelance writer for many different publications and sites. I will do my best to post links here to those articles.

Noonday Collection is one company that I do some work with not only as an Ambassador for their brand, but as a blogger for their site.

Today I published a story with them featuring Ethical Home Goods Companies To Decorate Your Abode.

Ethical Home
I wanted to share all the amazing products that make my home more rich.

AND….. if you follow me on Instagram, you just might have a chance to win some of these goodies throughout the next couple weeks. Just sayin’…….

Go read my blog HERE.