Local + Lejos Bowl Giveaway

I think I stumbled upon this company on Instagram, but to be honest, I am not certain the exact moment I discovered them. No matter; I immediately fell in love with the exquisite design of their products and I became a customer because of their impact on artisans around the world.

I had the wonderful privilege of speaking with Sheeva, the amazing founder of this company, on the phone and talking through her business as well as opportunities to spread the word about Local + Lejos. I knew that I should do a giveaway with her and this one has been in the works for a while.

Local + Lejos is a company birthed out of Sheeva’s desire to “connect discerning consumers with world class goods, while creating lasting social impact.” I LOVE that. These artisans around the world who make these incredible items are not only people who can do a lot with our “little,” but their handmade goods are IMPECCABLE.

Local + Lejos carries many items, including pillows, baskets, bowls, rugs, linens, etc. I ordered some bowls and while I knew they would be amazing, I had no idea HOW amazing.

I opened the box and when I picked up the bowls I realized the hefty quality of them. I thought they would be lighter and maybe flimsier, but NO, they were solid and so beautiful. I could not wait to find a place to put them in my home. Truthfully, they will probably travel all around my home at different times because I love them so much.

The Akazi Bowl (shown on my kitchen table here) allows the purchaser to fund one year of health insurance for one member of the artisan’s family. What?!?! Every single day that I see this bowl, I realize that someone in Rwanda has healthcare this year because of my purchase. That fact makes this the best bowl decision I ever made. 🙂

Akazi Bowl
Akazi Bowl 2

The Muhanga Nesting Bowl set (shown here on my mantle) is created in Rwanda over three and half days of work. Most of the women who make these bowls do so as a side job to their daily farming and home tending. In between feeding their animals and families, they weave these bowls. By purchasing this set of bowls, the artisan who makes them is able to add one chicken and one rabbit to their farm. How amazing.

Muhanga Nesting Bowls
Muhanga Nesting Bowls 2

I love that Local + Lejos tells you right up front what this purchase allows their artisans to achieve in their personal lives.

Because I love Sheeva so much and I love the vision she has given to Local + Lejos, I am giving away one of the Akazi Bowls to one of my amazing readers. I want your giveaway win to afford someone else healthcare for a year.

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GIVEAWAY winner will be drawn at random on Tuesday night February 2, 2016 and announced on my (@krystalribble) Instagram.

(Giveaway not sponsored by IG. Please know that I am receiving no compensation for this. I just absolutely LOVE what Local + Lejos is doing and I want you all to join me in their cause!)

Much Love My Lovelies,



{KR’s Book Club} For The Love by Jen Hatmaker {Review}

Since this is my first Book Club post, let me preface this by saying that in the Ribble family, we are avid readers. So much so that we forfeited a dining room to make it into a library. Even our little boy is obsessed with books. It’s wonderful.

KR's Book Club

When I was a little girl, I walked around with my nose in a book to every single event. I couldn’t get enough of the Babysitter’s Club and any teen Christian novel my parents would allow me to devour. I was this way up until grad school. Grad school killed me. I was required to read so much that my brain literally said to me, “I refuse to consume any more words for your sheer degree enjoyment. I am shutting down. Goodbye.”

It has taken me a few years to get back to the veracity of reading I loved most of my life. As much as I would love to promise you a book review every single time I finish a book, I have a five-year old who doesn’t necessarily allow the completion of such tasks when I prefer them. That little munchkin time sucker doesn’t care as much about my blog as I do. That being said, I will do my best to keep pumping these out when I can because if there is ever a gift I want my readers to have besides my inspiring words (ha ha) it is the gift of more amazing people and their inspiring words.

You will quickly see that I have a vast preference in books. There will not be a theme to the posts so read them each for their stand-alone content and then go buy the book! You can thank me later.


Anytime I read anything by Jen Hatmaker I feel like she is whispering words straight from the crevasses of my heart. It’s incredible how much her brain thinks like mine. It’s scary almost.

When her For The Love book came out this past Fall, I received it very quickly through my Noonday Collection network, but didn’t have the immediate time to devour it.

For The Love Book

Today I spent time rereading the last three chapters for the third time because my toddler thinks its funny to interrupt me as soon as my head bows to read every single blasted time. “Mommy this puzzle has a scooter, a bicycle, a tricycle, a wagon, and a skateboard. I only have a scooter. You can buy me a bicycle, tricycle, wagon, and a skateboard ok?” Ok. I’m on that right now.

Every single page of this book made me think of some woman in my life who I want to just ship this book to. Literally every page revealed conversations I have had with certain people in my life at certain times. When I read something familiar I wanted to rip the pages out and send them to the person they make me think of.

Jen’s call to sisterhood and unity in this book is so exquisite. The tag for the book explains it all; Fighting for grace in a world of impossible standards. Every single female reading this knows what that means. Every single thing we encounter as women has us sometimes screaming for a little grace. I find myself longing for this when I look in the mirror wearing a bathing suit, when I respond to my child a little harsher than I wanted, when I ignored a need of my husbands without meaning to, and when a friend needed a response from me that I didn’t give them appropriately. I want grace in all of those situations because I am an overloaded mess these days.

You know what I mean because each of you are the Wonder Woman of your tribe. You want to do and say it all at the right time every single time. For the Love-it isn’t possible. Jen mentions putting things “on your beam” and “off your beam” in reference to the balance beam we all walk in life. Certain things should stay on your beam and others shouldn’t be there at all. You can’t balance it all. Try it and then you will have no hairs left on your head; and honey, let me be the first to rub your head gently and tell you something: you look better with hair. Original, colored, or gray-you look better with it. I already know this.

If no other person or thing will extend you grace, my love, read this book and be encouraged. Be encouraged to give yourself grace when no one else will. Be encouraged in your walk with your Savior and your life with your family. Just be. Read this book and simply be. It’s the most amazing gift.

You will laugh and cry and scream at some of Jen’s insights and I give you permission to do so. Every one of those emotions has their place in this book.

I don’t want to give away too much of the book because I really want you to curl up and read it for yourself, but I want to leave you with these words from Jen:

“Sister, come near and listen: You are smart and capable, strong and wise. You are an overcomer, a prized member of the body of Christ. You have so much to offer. You can gather your girlfriend tribe and raise kids together, providing the happiest childhood they ever complained about. You can crack open your Bible and preach good news for the poor. You can model faithful friendship around your table, and you can stretch your hand across oceans to mamas everywhere. You can do small work. You can do big work. You are so able in Jesus, so beloved, so permitted.”

I can’t scream Hallelujah loud enough. Yes and amen. YES AND AMEN!

My loves, take courage in the exquisite woman you are for all the people God has given your life. You are more than Enough could ever have imagined.

**I am sending this book to two of my readers. Comment below on the blog about something you battle finding grace for in your life as well as some women who encourage you in your life. If you can’t think of either, comment about that. Let this blog be your forum for truth. Two of you will get a message from me asking for your address to send you this amazing book.**

I love you all.

{My love letter to Jen about For the Love: Jen, I can’t thank you enough for sharing your heart in this book. As a girl who is juggling her own set of writing deadlines and trying to birth her first book and working through her first written Bible Study and trying to be a mom to a West Indian little boy and a wife to an amazing rock star drummer…. your words encourage me and uplift me. They challenge me to focus in a little sharper on some things in my life I let be too broad when they need to make up more of my foundation for sanity. I am daily practicing “on my beam” and “off my beam” and it is so freeing. Keep doing what God has placed on your heart. It is needed. Much love from Nashville to Austin.-KR}

Want to buy the book outright? Here you go love:


My EPIC Life

I posted at the beginning of the year that I was making an investment in myself by going through the devotional Savor by Shauna Niequist this year. The other day she explored some thoughts on Genesis 50:20 where it says “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good.”


This week marks two years since we put our little girl on a plane back to Ukraine with her every breath telling me she didn’t want to go back. The last time she was in my home, two years ago, she was begging to stay. {If you aren’t familiar with this story, you can start reading it here.}

That whole year after of us working to bring her home and being met with the most tragic of ends was hell for me. I can’t candy coat it; it was. I haven’t cried about her in a long time, but as I type this, I want to punch the mess out of my computer screen. {I will control myself. I know all my readers would hate for me to break my computer. HA!}

Shauna’s devotion the other night encouraged us to look at our lives as an EPIC rather than a TRAGEDY. Shauna’s words explain this the best so I wanted to share this encouragement with you today:

“When you invest yourself deeply and unremittingly in the life that surrounds you instead of declaring yourself out of the game, once and for all, because what’s happened to you is too bad, too deep, too ugly for anyone to expect you to move on from, that’s a good, rich place. That’s where the things that looked like curses start to stand up and shimmer and dance, and you realize that they may have been blessings all along. Or maybe not. Maybe they were curses, but the force of your belief and hope and desperate love for life has brought a blessing from a curse, like water from a stone, like life from the tomb, like the story of God over and over.”

I feel like I could be Pentecostal right now and run laps around my desk. I just might as soon as I can stop typing this. Hallelujah!

My pain is like life, like water, like God’s story breathing life into someone else. ‘

Take your pain friends. Take it and let the light shine on it. Don’t hide it. Let the light ignite a fire on it and show the world what God can do with a broken soul.

I love you all. I hope you let someone see your beauty today. You are EPIC and don’t let another soul {or even yourself} tell you differently.

Epic Life


Mitscoots Sock Giveaway

A New Year –  A New Giveaway –  A New Company You Will LOVE!

Last Father’s Day, Noonday gifted the “Men of Noonday” (AKA our spouses) socks from Mitscoots as a way to say “Thank You” for supporting each of us in our Noonday business. My husband received a pair and immediately fell in love with them. He says they feel great and the quality is amazing.

Daddy & Son

{My husband & son with their Mitscoots socks}

I began to do some more research on the company and, as with all these companies I do giveaways for, I 100% believe in their mission.
mitscoots logo

Mitscoots started in 2012 out of a volunteering mission with the homeless in Austin, Texas over several years. The founders of the company realized early on that among the main requests for food and water from those less fortunate, they also wanted a great pair of socks. Mitscoots was born.

Not only do they give one pair of socks to the less fortunate for every pair you purchase, they employ the transitioning homeless to help package these beauties that will arrive on your doorstep.

Mitscoots Family Socks

{My Little Family In Our Mitscoots Socks)}

I love them! I want you to have some socks! My family loves ours and plans to purchase more of them in the future.

Join me in wearing an incredible story!

Get + Give + Employ

I am giving away one pair for every person in your immediate family when you enter my giveaway. So one person will win socks for their whole immediate family. {Yay yay! Party Dance!}

To Enter :

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3. Tag two friends who would love my mission and @mitscoots’ mission to lift up the broken people and places of this world.

**You must do all of these things to be entered to win. We will be checking each entry.**

GIVEAWAY winner will be drawn at random on Monday night January 11, 2016, and announced on my (@krystalribble) Instagram.

(Giveaway not sponsored by IG, must be 13+ old and US or Canadian resident to enter.)

Please know that I am receiving no compensation for this. I just absolutely LOVE what Mitscoots is doing and I want you all to join me in their cause!

3 Reasons To Hit the Reset Button in 2016

The reset button. We mainly use it when our devices aren’t working correctly.

Let’s take an internet wireless router for instance.
We use it, overuse it, let it run and run.
It then freezes up on us and we throw books and pillows and stomp our feet all the way to the router where we jerk it out of its place to find that little red button.
We push that little red button with fury.
We wait as it boots up.
We are fuming and patience is lacking.
Finally, the lights are all lit up and we can resume a normal, stress free world in which all routers work all the time with no questions asked.

We do this. You know you have done this. If it isn’t a wireless router, its something else.

We expect our manmade devices to run endlessly with no glitches or hiccups. And what’s worse, we expect our human selves to run effortlessly from year to year. We run and work ourselves into a frenzy, especially at the end of the year, and we expect to hit the ground running on January 1st  as a new person all because the calendar changed.

Nope. Can’t and won’t work.

Have you ever noticed how Jesus wanted the disciples to rest right in the middle of one of the most landmark stories of their lives? Sandwiched between crowds gathering and more crowds gathering (which would lead to the feeding of the five thousand) Jesus asks the disciples to go away to a quiet place and rest.
Mark 6:31–32 “ Then, because so many people were coming and going that they did not even have a chance to eat, he said to them, “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.” So they went away by themselves in a boat to a solitary place.”

They didn’t get to rest for long, but Jesus was showing the importance of taking time to reset even in the midst of a million demands.


Everyone has a different rhythm to their year. For my husband and I, after Christmas and into the beginning of the New Year is always a slower time for us. With that being our rhythm, we got married the second day of January and so around this time every year, we take a “Reset Trip.” It IS an anniversary trip, but it’s so much more for us than that; it’s a vision trip.

We take this time to reconnect and dream and plan our year ahead. Sometimes we have a week for this and sometimes we have a couple of days for this. We have found that no matter the amount of time, it is imperative to the health of our marriage and life together.

We are a team. We live, dream, and plan together. This is the training ground that we come back to every single year to begin anew together.

JR & KR Reset Trip

We take time at one or two dinners on our reset trip to write down goals we have personally, professionally, and financially. We each put down our own ideas of what we want to see happen in these areas over the next year; then we discuss how to make these things happen.

These are the 3 reasons I have found that you should take time to hit the rest button every single year :  

1. Reflection
– It is always important to look back on your year and see what was accomplished and where God showed up. I love to look back on what happened this past year and compare it to the year before; not because you should be dwelling on the past, but because you should be praising your progress.
Did you get a raise in your job? Did you change jobs? Did you have a baby? Did you get married? Did you end a life draining relationship? What happened over this year that progressed the quality of your life in comparison to last year?
– This new year marks three years since a decision made on January 1st  caused us to lose our first adoption. However, this year we celebrate having our son home for 6 months.
– Life can cause wounds, but time is the balm God uses for healing.
– Reflecting on the year behind allows me to rejoice in the present and future changes.

2. Projection
– A new year to me is 365 days of new things that didn’t happen the previous 365 days. I have no clue what my life will look like this time next year and just that idea excites me.
– When my husband and I sit down and write our goals and hopes for the new year, we get to project where we want to go and then ask God to cover our wants with his will.
– The dreaming is so much fun but God’s plan for my year will always be better than my projection.

3. Intention
– Maybe very little in your everyday life will change this year, but what about hobbies and interests? What are the things you have been dreaming to try, but you haven’t yet? I’m not talking about resolutions. Resolutions last for moments (sorry, but it’s true), but life quality decisions, they last a lot longer.
– Pick something in your life that needs to hold a bigger place for you to be the healthiest you possible. Do you want to read more books? Run a race? Learn to cook at least one meal?
– Be intentional about things that will bring more enrichment to your life this year.

All of these things help you hit the rest button for your year. We do not necessarily need to start over every year, but we definitely need some fresh air to keep going. Our list of plans for the year helps my family go into a new year with renewed legs and bright eyes for what God can do.

Let’s follow Jesus’ admonition to his disciples; go to a solitary place and take a breath before your crowded life calls for you again.

Go ahead, hit the reset button. Happy New Year my loves.